Booth#1725:Japan METI Selection| 16Lab Inc. / 株式会社16Lab
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Booth#1725:Japan METI Selection| 16Lab Inc. / 株式会社16Lab

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16Lab is a startup that gathers best engineering minds from around the world in order to develop its ring-type wearable computing device.
In early 2014, we received the offer of joint development from Alps Electric, a leading manufacturer of electronic components.
After we showed our first prototype in 2014, we received a significant number of technical cooperation offers. As a result, we have built a development consortium of engineering partners with world-class technology in ALL areas.
16Lab is a recipient of the Japanese government’s subsidy program called the NEDO R&D Venture Support Program that supports highly competitive R&D-oriented innovative startups.
Moreover, 16Lab was awarded top prizes at the Japan-UK Tech Awards 2015 and at the CEATEC Innovation Awards 2015 (Home Entertainment).

また、デザインについても、田子學氏(MTDO Inc.)がChief Design Officerとして16Labのデザインマネジメントを統括しております。田子氏は世界三大デザインコンクールを総なめにするなど、卓越した実績を誇る文字通り日本を代表するデザイナーの1人です。
新型機は各所で高くご評価いただいており、英国政府主催のJapan-UK Tech Awards 2015では最優秀賞を受賞、アジア最大級のテクノロジーの展示会であるCEATECでもCEATEC Innovation Awards 2015(Home Entertainment部門)最優秀賞を受賞しております。 16Labは独立行政法人新エネルギー・産業技術開発機構(NEDO)の「研究開発型ベンチャー支援事業」に採択されております。