Booth#1823:Hakuhodo  / 博報堂
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Booth#1823:Hakuhodo / 博報堂

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Hakuhodo is Japan’s No. 2 advertising company and which in 2015 was ranked by Ad Age as the world’s 7th largest agency company.
Under the theme Prototyping the Future, we will exhibit 4 products-electronics prototyping tool “8pino”,the writing board for education “Write More”, charge your work time to your work out time “TANZEN”, cardboard VR headset with touch UI “Milbox Touch” produced by WHITE a group company,of Hakuhodo. a new product from monom, product innovation team - We look forward to showing how these ideas could work for you, and to inspiring and being inspired by the special atmosphere at SXSW.

「Prototyping the Future」というテーマのもと、ミニマリストのための小型マイコン『8pino』、書くことが快感になる勉強キット『Write More』、アイデアとテクノロジーの力で体の歪みを改善するウェアラブルベルト『TANZEN』
グループ会社のWHITEが開発したタッチ操作ができるスマホ用ダンボールVRデバイス『Milbox Touch』、プロダクトイノベーションチームmonomより新プロダクトの5つのデジタルプロダクトを展示します。