Booth#1725:Japan METI Selection
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Booth#1725:Japan METI Selection

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Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has selected 5 startups to present at SXSW Trade Show.
They have unique technologies, products and services. :Innovative Wearable Ring
This fashionable ring enables to pay without your smartphone or credit card. Also, you can use it for max 3 days without battery charging. :Artificial Shooting Star
The day is coming closer when you will enjoy shooting stars like fireworks, anytime, anywhere you like. You can even advertise on the canvas in the sky. :Website Transformation System
This company provide evaluating mobile app service.
The unique point is that it can evaluate, compare competitive company and research markets.
There are 2,000 users of this service in just two months.
automatically transforms your websites into mobile apps without any programming. Joyful communication on apps will make your fans and customers happier.

4. Aqua bit :Smart Plate
You can attach this card-sized device on anything. Put your smartphone over this device, and you can easily get to the product’s information.

5. :AI Samurai
Enjoy communication with this Samurai styled AI ! He is multilingual and happy to talk with you thanks to his optimization technology.

経産省の米国派遣プログラムに選抜された5社のベンチャー企業がSXSWのトレードショーで展示を行います。ブース名は、Japan METI Selectionになっています。

1. 16Lab:イノベーティブなリング型デバイス

2. ALE:人工流れ星

3. FULLER:ウェブサイトをスマートフォンのアプリ化するシステム
スマートフォンアプリの市場・競合調査ができるサービス「App Ape」は開始から2ヶ月で会員登録数が2,000件を突破している。

4. アクアビットスパイラルズ:スマートプレート

5. Nextremer:人工知能が搭載されたサムライ