Booth#1732:Todai to Texas | phonvert
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Booth#1732:Todai to Texas | phonvert

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phonvert is an open source application that converts retired smartphones to make household objects smart.
IDC estimated that more than 280 million working smartphones were replaced without being recycled last year.
“phonvert” is a word that combines “phone” and “convert”. It represents the concept of using retired phones for other purposes.
By using phonvert, Internet of Things starts today with our retired smartphones. Anyone with a retired smartphone can start IoT at their homes for free. There is no need to buy expensive hardware for IoT. Just download the phonvert app and stick your unused phones to household objects such as fridges and mailboxes to smartify them.
Our goal is to make IoT for everyone right now and reduce e-waste from smartphones. The phonvert application is currently being developed as an opensource software and we would like to invite engineers, designers and students to join our challenge.


phonvertでは世界中で大量に余っている使われていないスマートフォンを活用し、Internet of things を誰もが簡単に始められるようにします。phonvertを使えばIoTを始めるためにネットにつながる家電やデバイスなどをわざわざ買う必要はありません。余ったスマートフォンを日常製品にとりつけるだけで、簡単に冷蔵庫や郵便受けなどをスマート化することができます。